So I’ve decided to write about running!


How I started

I have always enjoyed running, dipping in and out through the earlier parts of my life.  I entered a couple of races but never really took it too serious.

Then my boys were born (I have twins) and I stopped running and exercising all together…well apart from running after them!

Then like many others I discovered, purely by accident, Parkrun! At first I just assumed it was a local race that day when walking the dog but the same thing happened every Saturday. I saw a neighbour doing it one day so I enquired and she enthusiastically explained what it was and what you needed to do. I signed up that night and lined up the following Saturday, well from that moment on I was hooked!

So there started my current journey, I started running Parkrun regularly which then led me to going out for a run midweek and my times steadily improved. I began at 22:19 and got down to 20:48. I then had a few minor health problems but picked it up again at 23:08 and again improved to 21:15. I think this is when I truly got the bug as I decided to run a 10K and finished in 43:35 which I was over the moon about.

I was talking to a friend  (fellow runner) and explained how I was doing and how I was struggling to get under 21:00, he invited me to run with his club as would improve my running. I always assumed wrongly that running clubs were for the elite and for this reason had never considered joining one, he quickly put me straight!

So I turned up that Tuesday and joined this pack of runners on an interval session, well to say I loved it is an understatement! This whole new training was alien to me, I just thought everyone just went out and jogged. My friend advised that I come along to as many as I wanted before signing up to see if it suits you, I was sold after the first session and went home and completed registration.

So there you have it from that moment on I became a Littledown Harrier and made so many new friends.

I then started competing in the Club Championship which is fun friendly competition with everyone cheering and encouraging one another. No matter how fast or slow you are, if you see an orange jersey on race day you call out with encouragement!

I ran new distances that I never thought about running, ran trail races which I loved and these all led me to where I am now… for my first ever marathon, I failed in the London ballot and club ballot so decided to sign up to Manchester Marathon.

I’m now 9 weeks into my 16 week Garmin training plan and on this site i’ll be writing about how my training is going, races I partake in and review any tech or gear I purchase.

I’m on Strava so feel free to follow me


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