WK 9 Manchester Marathon Training


So I’ve now hit 9 weeks into my training plan which seems to be a significant step. Prior to this week my long runs have been easy/steady running starting at 10 miles and gradually increasing to 23 miles (week 8). Yesterday was a combination of steady running for 8 miles and then running at half marathon pace(@HMP) for 5 miles. With cool down this totalled 15 miles. The reason for @HMP is in readiness for my tune up race, the plan recommends a HM but due Dorset Road Race League and Club Championship I’ll be running Bournemouth 10 instead.

So what about the run itself, well I was hoodwinked by the weather. The forecast showed strong winds with black clouds so I wore a baselayer….and the forecast was right apart from it was mild and the wind was warm and I overheated massively!!

The route took me through the leafy suburbs from Bournemouth to Sandbanks in Poole and then back along the beach to Bournemouth. A very picturesque route with the 5 miles @HMP perfectly placed on the flat promenade between Sandbanks and Bournemouth.

I’m really pleased with how it went and it has given me a big boost for Sunday’s race and with future training so will definitely bottle this feeling.

From now on my plan will be running a combination of steady and marathon pace up until the marathon, with @MP miles steadily increasing and steady decreasing.

This is to get my body used to running at my marathon aim pace on tired legs and mentally get in tune to the effort required.

Also this week:

Monday: Rest Day with a good stretch out in the evening

Tuesday: 2 x 20 mins Hill lamp post repeats – this was a tough session, the first hill is a steady climb and the second steep, steady and then steep again. The second’s variance in elevation always drains my legs!

Wednesday: 40 minute easy run with the dog. Foam rolled in the evening.

Thursday: 3 x 3,2,1 min efforts

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 40 minute easy run with the dog. Foam rolled in the evening.

Week Total: 47 miles


2 thoughts on “WK 9 Manchester Marathon Training

  1. Good luck with your training. Im training for my first half marathon, which is in a few weeks time. Hopefully I can pick up some useful stuff from your blog. Ive even started up my own blog charting my journey.


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