Wk10 Manchester Marathon Training

So this week has been slightly less mileage in readiness for the  Bournemouth 10 mile race which features in this years Dorset Road Race League. It also seen the arrival of my number for Silverstone Half Marathon which I’m excited about!

Monday – As always was a rest day. I used this to have a good stretch, get the foam roller out and loosen my muscles. My calf’s in particular were very tight and I have an uncomfortable knot in my right one which I’ve been trying to work out all week.

Tuesday – This was club night and I utilise these sessions for speedwork. I feel I benefit greater from doing speedwork in a group than running solo, the competitive demon kicks in and keeps me honest!

I did intend on joining the Pyramid session and doing a short, sharp workout but a bit of peer pressure and I was back with my normal group doing the killer session….BIC Hills!

BIC Hills is probably the hardest session the club runs, it comprises of a 3 mile Tempo Run, straight into 20 minutes of hill repeats (long and steep), 3 min rest and the a return Tempo.

It was perfect conditions, with it being cool and no wind. Normally I’d go all out but with Sundays race on my mind I held back on the first Tempo and used the return Tempo as an extended cool down, this allowed me to focus on the hill repeats. This worked out well as I was able push hard on the repeats,  even passing the front runners who had started 100m in front. Additionally I got a new strava PR on the hill and 2nd on the all time leaderboard which is welcome bonus at the end of the session.

Wednesday- This was a tough one for me in just getting out the house. One of my boys was not feeling well so the whole family got under the duvet on the sofa and started to watch TV, I then started to watch the football and started to question whether I should go or not and swap rest days. If we didn’t have a dog that needed walking I could have seen me wimping out but thought well I’ve got to go out anyway might as well combine the two. As soon as Barney (the dog) saw my running gear going on he went absolutely ballistic, he loves a run!!

I headed out into the cold and enjoyed a nice easy 4 miles jog on a loop at 8:50 pace to recover.

Thursday- Again with the little man unwell and me wanting to watch the football I decided to miss the club night and go solo later. My plan called for 10 minutes steady, 10 mins Tempo, 10 mins steady and then cool down with stretches. I didn’t take the dog this time as he only has little legs and struggles on the Tempo!

I headed to the beach promenade as it’s a great flat surface to punch it on the tempo. I love running on the front, whether it’s sun, cloud, rain or dark it’s just special. This night was particularly nice as it was a clear sky and the moon was reflecting off the water.

My legs were still a bit tired from Tuesday but my main focus was keeping consistent splits, especially in the Tempo as I have a knack of going off too quick. I was able to do this maintaining a fairly straight line on the pace graph.

Friday – Another rest day, which again I focused on utilising with a nice stretch and foam roll, with particular focus on the knot in my calf.

Saturday – Had to head out early for this one,  I had a busy day so it had to be either early or late to fit it in so I chose early. I prefer heading out early anyway as it starts the day on a positive.

In readiness for tomorrow’s race I did a nice slow 30 mins with Barney keeping me company.

Here’s hoping for a good race tomorrow!!!


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