WK11 Manchester Marathon Training

So I did a wise thing this week, I actually listened to my body! After Sundays race my plan was to have Monday and Tuesday as rest, with some foam rolling and light stretching, and then run again on Wednesday. The problem was when it got to Wednesday I just felt so lethargic, for this reason I decided to go for a swim and sauna instead which, while possibly psychological, really loosened me up.

As I had a rest day penned in for Friday I decided to have a double session on Thursday. I was unsure which route to run as fancied a change of scenery, I hadn’t run a trail since I started marathon training so that made my mind up. I put Barney on his lead, jogged down to the river and let him run free; he disappeared every now and then on pusuit of some poor squirrel or rabbit.

I paced this as a recovery run and just took in the scenery, seeing a beautiful Kingfisher zooming just above the water.


As much as I enjoy road running there is something special about throwing in a trail every now and then and would really recommend it. The whole getting out in the woods, running through the trees and mud is so much fun and just gets you away from it all.

In the evening I headed down to Bournemouth prom for some speedwork. I ran three lots on ten minute efforts at threshold with two minute recoveries. These were sandwiched between a warm up and cool down.

While hardwork I really enjoyed this and was pleased when I got back and looked at strava stats, I was consistent in all three efforts which is unusual for me but something I’ve been trying to work on.


Friday was a rest day and that is exactly what I did!!

Saturday was a bit hectic as always but fitted in 30 min jog in the evening.

So Sunday….what….a….day!!!

Sunday was Mothering Sunday so I was unable to do what I planned which was race in the Wimborne 20 with the rest of Littledown Harriers. Instead I stuck to my training plan which was to run 2 hours at a steady pace and 30 minutes at marathon pace.

So with it being Mothers Day I decided it’d be unfair to impact on the day. This meant I had to get the run done early, resulting in me getting up at 05:00 to eat before heading off at 06:00.

Now the sensible thing to do was go to bed early the night before but Bournemouth beat Newcastle in the league, nearly confirming safety from relegation, so I decided to stay up and watch MOTD ( yes I know I could of recorded it and watched in the morning but I was to excited to see the highlights).

One of the things I love about the LSR is it gives you the freedom to head out a little further from home and explore new routes. Plus if you head out before the sun is up and the weather is right you are greeted to the most stunning views and that is exactly what happened on Sunday. I apologise I forgot my phone to take photos but the following photos will give you an idea of my sights.

I really enjoyed the first 17 miles of this run, I love just running comfortably and taking in sights you don’t get to see by foot very often.  I headed off in the dark and ran through Christchurch, down to Mudford where the sun was just starting to come up, I ran along the beach path before going up the cliff and through the Steamer Point Nature Reserve to Highcliffe Castle.


Highcliffe Castle

I then ran onto Barton on Sea, with beautiful blue skies, and along the coastal path. If you’re of nervous disposition then this isn’t for you as you run along the cliffs edge with no barriers and signs telling you of cliff falls!!!

Barton on Sea Coastal Path

I then looped back but stayed off trails/footpaths to allow me to hit the road for consistent pace when stepping up to marathon pace.

I did the marathon pace probably little quick at 6:34 /mi, I think this is something I need to work on in future runs as I need to nail that 6:45 /mi pace for Manchester.

Overall I was really pleased how this run went. I didn’t look at my splits on the way out so it was nice to see that I was so consistent and pacey while running comfortable. I guess you can say the training is really starting to pay off.


Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest with Foam rolling
Wednesday: 45 minute Swim
Thursday: Trail 6.4 miles 8:35 /mi
3 x 10min efforts  (2min Recovery) 7.6 miles 6:49 /mi


Saturday: 3.7 miles 8:07 /mi
Sunday: 22 miles 7:03 /mi


2 thoughts on “WK11 Manchester Marathon Training

  1. Sounds like a really decent run on the Sunday, nice. Did you know you can set up a link on your homepage to enable people to follow by e-mail, so they get a message every time you post. I’d definitely subscribe!

    Thanks – Joe


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