Wk12 Manchester Marathon Training


This is the week of Silverstone Half Marathon and  I’m really looking forward to this race being a fan of F1. As soon as I saw this race I was like “SIGN ME UP!” without really thinking “where does this sit in my plan?”. Well it turns out not perfectly, which left me with the question at the beginning of this week of whether to taper slightly or not. I decided not to taper, include in my normal week and incorporate it into the long run of 20 miles, this means me doing a slow 3 before and after. Afterall Manchester is the priority and Silverstone is simply because I want to run on the track and enjoy….plus make car noises going round!!

So Monday as always was rest day and just as well as my legs were exhausted following Sunday’s mix of steady and MP. I foam rolled in the evening and unfortunately have some big knots in both my quads and calf’s, with tightness in my left hamstring.

Tuesday I ran a gentle 6 miles and as soon as I got in, I stretched for a good 30 minutes and foam rolled again, working on all those knots and tight spots. On the stretching front I spent a lot of time on my glutes as I find when these are tight I get tightness in over areas.

Wednesday I spent 6 hours on a train travelling for work, not ideal for my tight legs and speedwork that evening. When sat on the train on the way back I was just so eager to get out so as soon as I got in I just got my gear on and headed out. I did a 15 WU to the beach and then my speedwork consisted of 4 x 8 minute efforts at threshold pace with 2 min recoveries I followed this with a 15 minute steady run and then cool down.


I was really pleased with how I was able to maintain the low 6’s in the efforts especially as my legs felt quite heavy from the train journey, this gives me a lot of encouragement for  Sunday and beyond.


Thursday was an option of rest or cross training so decided upon a swim followed with a Jacuzzi I did 45 minutes in the pool, nothing to energetic just gentle lengths. I then jumped in the Jacuzzi for some bubble bashing!! I find the jacuzzi really good for my lower back.

Friday was again speedwork. I did a 15 minute warm up and then straight in to 2 min efforts at 5K pace with 1 min recoveries. I really enjoy these short, sharp speedwork sessions; they’re quick but really hard going with your legs getting flooded with lactic in the closing seconds. I find these sessions really helpful for my pace when combined with endurance speedwork.

graph 2

Saturday is always tough for me as I really love and miss Parkrun. I think for my next marathon training plan I will incorporate these into my plan as speedwork. Instead me and Barney headed out for a nice gentle 30 mins on a mix of road and trail.

So tomorrow is Silverstone HM which I will do a Race Review for, here’s hoping for a sub 1:25 (PB currently 1:30:39).


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