Wk13 Manchester Marathon Training

Well this has been a frustrating and rewarding week.

Monday I was still on a high from Silverstone and I started the day with a big smile opon my face! I saw a running friend on the way to work (kids at same school), we chatted about my training and she said to me “it’s great you’ve kept away from the lurgy that’s been going round, quite a few kids have been off”.

Tuesday I woke up and as the day went on I started, guess what?! Yep I started to get ill, started with a tickly cough and then a runny nose!!! Well needless say when I got to the club that I night I gave her a bit of stick for jinxing me!!

Its always good to see what races people did at the weekend by the event tops they’re wearing, a few runners had run the Grizzly and it sounds absolutely great so will try and complete that next year.

Really enjoyed the club run, we did a gentle jog down to the promenade before going into 5 x 3mins efforts, 90 sec recovery with a 2min set recovery.  Then 5 x 2mins efforts, 90sec recovery with a 2min set recovery. To finish we did 5 x 1min efforts (final up a hill), 60sec recovery and then jogged back.


I was able to maintain pace until the final set when I just ran out of energy. Not sure if it was down to illness or recovery from Silverstone, or both.  When I got back, even though I had tights, baselayer and tee on I was really cold. I had a hot shower and headed to bed…..well that night I awoke abandoned by the wife as I had been in a cold sweat and absolutely soaked the covers, safe to say I was ill!

Wednesday I went to the pool and did 30 mins and then jumped into the sauna for a bit to hopefully “sweat it out”

Thursday I rested as still coughing and spluttering, I hate being ill 😷.

Friday I was feeling a bit better,  so I headed out for a runch. I planned to do 25min easy, 25min tempo and 25min easy. Well I felt terrible throughout and when I tried to step it up for the tempo my legs were just so heavy. So it turned out to be more 25 steady in the middle, Strava was kind to me though and still deemed it a tempo….. you’re too kind.


So with all things I’m going to look for the positives and well the positive is the route that I took. I decided to run through the Dorset Stour Valley, first running alongside the river through the golf course, through the beautiful villages of Holdenhurst and Throop and then rejoining the river at the reserve. The route was part road and part trail and while I physically felt rubbish, I enjoyed this run solely for the scenery.



Saturday I had planned on doing 45 min easy but DIY, shopping and Club awards night got in the way the latter I didn’t mind.

So Saturday night was the club championship awards night. This was a great evening where you can rally about running as much as you want and nobody gets bored….perfect!! I was lucky enough to win my age category last year, so super pleased to receive my engraved glass.



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