Final week for Manchester Marathon Training

So I’m still in the eurphoria of actually running the marathon while writing this post but I’ll get to that in my next post.

So the last week of Marathon training, who’d have thought it’d arrive so quick and what a journey it has been; both in terms of performance and personal growth!

I’d been warned of Maranoia and I had my fair share this week. I’m quite laid back so I was surprised to find myself having these daft thoughts, some more than once! Here are some of them:

Oh no is that a twinge?
Hmmm is that tight, right stop and stretch…but your in the middle of the shop….doesn’t matter need to stretch
If I kick that ball will my hamstring go?
What happens if I hit the wall?
Can I realistically hold my pace all the way?
Why did I tell so many people I’m going for sub 3hrs??!!

Thankfully I saw sense plus I have a thinking face so my wife was able to quickly reassure me “you’ve done all the training, it’s going to go great”

The Training

So I took my taper very seriously this week and took great enjoyment in resting on Monday.

Tuesday I did a very short interval session, it started with a ten minute warm up before heading in to 2 x 5 min efforts with one minute recovery. I then round it up to 30 mins with a cool down. I did the first set hard but eased slightly on the second as maranoia kicked in and just didn’t want to get injured! Also I found out that the great thing about shorter workouts is you get back in time to watch Champions League!!

Wednesday I again rested, I did take my boys swimming but just pool walked, had a nice sauna and went into the bubble pool.

On Thursday I popped down to Plymouth to see my brother and family. This meant a 3 hour drive followed by lots of walking which perhaps wasn’t ideal but I hadn’t seen my nephew and niece for about a year so I just didn’t care! Today was also the first day of carb loading which was just awesome!!!
We said our goodbyes at about 7pm and then I put my gear on and headed out for a sunset run which was just beautiful. A lot of people put Plymouth down but I can honestly say it’s one if the most beautiful places I’ve run. My hotel was on the Quay so I ran along the waters edge to the Barbican, which is a real historic part of the city, before heading to the Hoe by the famous lighthouse, around the park and back to my hotel. I got back to my hotel to early so I carried on and found a path which took me to Breakwater Hill and along the South West Coastal Path again with spectacular views. I ran till I completed 30 mins and the did a cool down back to hotel.


Friday I took it easy but was dragged for a bit of shopping. This was however awarded with a visit to River Cottage Plymouth for lunch. I really love good food and this place delivered in abundance. Once absolutely stuffed we drove back home. Soon as I got back in and I got out the foam roller to loosen up my travelled muscles.

I did plan to run once I arrived in Manchester on Saturday but when working up the day plan I didn’t know where I would fit it in. For this reason I orchestrated a family parkrun, the boys didn’t seem keen as they had football straight after but as soon as my wife said that I needed them to train me for the marathon they were sold. I explained to the boys that I’d need to walk the inclines which they were more than happy with but I told Mrs Orangerunner to go on without us at this stage. So we all lined up at the back and set off together and it was a great run. I really enjoy running as a family as I think it instills a healthy lifestyle in the boys, they always enjoy the start and end but do sometimes need a bit of  encouragement in the middle but then again don’t we all. We finished in 31 mins something and both boys PB’d which they were over the moon about. Now they’re only 7 so to run 5 km in my opinion is fantastic but to it in 31 minutes makes me so proud. I try not to push them too much as I want them to enjoy it but I am not so secretly excited about when they’re old enough to run cross country!

So after the boys football match we headed to Manchester, an epic 5 hour drive.  I’ll pick up from here in my race review.


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