Post Manchester Marathon

So Manchester Marathon is over and what an experience it was. I awoke Monday with the most sore and stiffest  legs I had ever experienced in my life but do you know what I didn’t care, I am now part of the 1% and a sub 3 marathon runner!!!!

Now the sensible thing on Monday would have been to rest my tiresome legs but no, I had promised the boys a visit to the Lego Discovery Centre. This will be fine I thought, I’ll walk round slowly, build a few bits of lego, watch the boys playing…..oh no there’s a ride with bikes….where you have to pedal to make it go high!!!! Well I couldn’t let my little man down so I pedalled that bike as hard as I could…oh the pain…but the bike went up, oh yes I made it go high!

So after our enjoyable time we headed South again. Now I must confess during our trip up, the clutch on the car started to judder when we began moving and this continued travelling around Manchester. We agreed to get it looked at on our return. The problem was on the journey back it got more juddery, changing gear became more difficult and a noise started. So now it was a case of crossing our fingers, turning up the radio and imagining there was no funny noise. This served well until about an hour away from home and shamefully going through the McDonald’s drive thru. We collected our food from the booth and at this point, with queuing cars behind us, the clutch decided enough was enough…..cue me getting out of the car and then pushing it… poor legs….to the parking spaces!! Thank goodness for the AA.

So my legs took until Wednesday to function so I decided to join the club on Thursday. I joined the steady run and really struggled. My legs still hadn’t come back, understandably, and I struggled to get under 9 min miles. The positive is I found a new route. It was an off road trail around the golf course and really enjoyable. We did two loops of the course so I tried to memorise it as best I could as I thought how much my 4 legged companion would enjoy it. With the warm up, double loop and cool down I ran 6.5 miles.

Friday I rested but that evening I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer….the foam roller came out and oh my god did it hurt! A good pain though, if there is such a thing.

On Saturday I thought I’d take my little running buddy out and see if I could remember Thursdays route, I did ok with only one small ‘nope this isn’t right’ which caused a small backtrack. Running from home and back and not doing an extra loop (hate loops) worked out to be a perfect 4 miles, so will definitely do this again as perfect recovery distance. Had to keep Barney on his lead with the fear of him darting after golf balls but he was super happy.

I didn’t intend to run on Sunday but at the breakfast my wife put forward the idea of a run with the boys on their bikes. The afternoon would be taken up with watching Bournemouth v Liverpool, so thought this would be a good fun family activity.

Now I have to confess that I was a bit naughty, my wife is a good runner (she’d argue this point) but she’s a non competitive runner, in herself and with others….if there was such a thing, she’d be known as a pacifist runner. For this reason she will never push herself distance wise, keeping to her safe 5K distance at 9 min/mi. I said we’d run a different route, quickly checked Google maps and plotted a nice 5 miler. I will add that I knew this was well within her capabilities.

The route took us through the suburb of Southbourne to the overcliff, down to the beach before going up a zig zag, through a park and back home. You don’t realise how many side roads there are until your running alongside kids on bikes. I said “slow down, slow down….ALL CLEAR…GO GO GO!!” so many times I felt like an traffic officer.


It was an absolutely beautiful morning,  as you can see from the photos and it was great all being out together. 



My legs aren’t quite back to normal yet but with each run they’re starting to get stronger. I’m just going to let them come back slowly rather than excessively push them. My next race isn’t till May 8th so plenty of time to get back to race pace.


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