Purbeck Trail Series – The next challenge!


So now that Manchester Marathon sub 3 has been achieved and my place at London Marathon 2017 has been secured with a good for age ranking, my mind has wandered to “so what’s next for this year?!”

Obviously there is the Club Championship and the Dorset Road Race League but these races are constant through the year and I wanted something a little different. So I reflected on last year and thought about the races I’d enjoyed most, these were The Beast, Studland Stampede and The Stickler. The one thing that these had in common were that they were all challenging trail races, with two of them being apart of the Purbeck Trail series.

I looked up the series because other than the races I had ran in I didn’t know much about it.

So what is it? It’s an off road championship based on the Isle of Purbeck races.

How does it work? Your best 4 race positions out of the 6 races count towards the championship, with scoring being 1st place 500 points, 2nd 499 points, 3rd 498 points and so on.

There are prizes for Mens Overall and Age category but these events attract very strong runner so not holding out much hope for any of them!! The 6 races that count are:

Studland 5k
Lulworth Castle 10k
The Beast
Purbeck  Marathon
Black Hill 10k
Studland Stampede

I’ve not decided whether I will compete in all 6 or miss the Marathon out. The likelihood is that I will run all 6 as that would be the overall achievement. I just won’t be as rigid with my training as I was for Manchester (see already talking myself in to it!). I’m just concious that the Summer is always a busy time with the boys being on school holidays and I would much rather be making the most of that time however much I enjoy those long runs!


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