Wk1 Purbeck Marathon Training

Well my first week of Marathon training for Purbeck, a part of the Purbeck Trail Series, has been well…..a complete failure!

I ran Poole Parkrun on Saturday which went well but as the day progressed my left foot, ball of my foot under my 3-5th toes,  started feeling uncomfortable when bearing weight. This became worse on Sunday, so didn’t run…just about walked, and has carried through this week. Weirdly the pain shifted through the week to my heel, which I don’t quite understand but there you go.

I only have myself to blame as I became a bit lax after Manchester Marathon with the stretching and foam rolling routine and I think this injury is the result of that. I have now returned to this routine and have found that my calf muscles are incredibly tight.

This injury has not come at the best of times as I have 3 races scheduled this month, all for Dorset Road Race League and the Club Championship. 

The plus side of this injury is that it made me finally get my vintage Peugeot road bike out of winter storage and head out on Thursday. I rode into the New Forest and enjoyed the scenery and country air.


The route took me through Christchurch  Bransgore, Burley, Ringwood and Avon.

This route includes some nice hill climbs, one of 308ft elevation which really worked my thighs, and equally nice downhills where you can imagine yourself as Bradley Wiggins!


On the way back you ride alongside the River Avon before crossing it and heading back home to Bournemouth.


While I’d always pick running over cycling, I love the freedom cycling gives you in terms of distance you can travel. It allows you to explore your surroundings from a different perspective and I have surprised myself a few times by finding quaint things on routes I’ve driven hundreds of times.

Saturday I decided to test my foot out by running Parkrun. I needed to make a decision on whether to run Poole 10K or not. I ran with my friend Stu who is making a comeback from injury and paced him round for a very respectable 19:24.



The good news is that my foot held up, although it did feel like a had a small pin stuck in my heel. The discomfort is a concern, especially with the training just about to ramp up. I’m hoping that an increase in flexibility work will help.

Sunday I competed in Poole 10K for which I will do a race review on shortly. While I could feel my heel it didn’t bother me until probably the last mile by which time adrenaline was in full flow and I just ploughed on through! I came 25th overall with a pleasing 36:50, pleasing because I haven’t trained properly over the last couple of weeks and it was SO HOT!!!

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Bike Ride 27.5 miles
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Bournemouth Parkrun
Sunday – Poole 10K


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