Wk2 Purbeck Marathon Training

Following Poole 10K exertions, Monday was a well deserved rest day! I did however go all out in the stretching and foam rolling, I’ve continued this through the week and it’s elevated my heel pain. I’m hoping if I continue with this routine I’ll be able to put this injury to bed and avoid aggravating it went I increase the mileage.

As always Tuesday is club night and what a tough session it was! We headed to King’s Park where the Bournemouth Parkrun is held and used the courses 1st lap for an efforts sessions. The effots session consisted of 4 x 3 mins efforts with 90 second recovery, 2 minute rest and the 4 x 3 mins efforts. This was an excellent session put on by Coach, made even more difficult with the heat and heavy legs. I pushed hard and was averaging 800m each effort roughly @ 5:30/mi pace.


Wednesday I went for an early morning recovery run with my dog Barney, who with his little legs keeps me in the Active Recovery zone. Including the cool down we did just over 6 miles.

Thursday I joined the club again but was unsure which session to join as I had a Dorset Road Race League and Club Championship half marathon race coming up on the Sunday. Outside of Marathon training I would have just gone for a steady run so that my legs were fresh for the race but I was, so I went for a Hills lampposts session. This consisted of two intervals, first for 15 mins, second 10 mins with a 2 min active recovery between.

Friday was a rest day (drunk too much with Euro 16 starting)

Saturday I went for a 30 min recovery run with Barney which included Bournemouth Parkrun. I then proceed to drink too much beer watching Wales v Slovakia and most importantly and frustratingly England v Wales!

Sunday I competed in the Puddletown Plod, this was a very tough race especially with a hangover and the humidity but I came 10th overall and 2nd Harrier so pleased with the result. You can read more on this in my separate race review.


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