Wk3 Purbeck Marathon Training

So after a half marathon (Puddletown Plod) I would normally have a days rest but some friends asked if I wanted to go Mountain Biking on Monday so I deemed this as active recovery and chucked my bike on the bike ride.

We headed to Moors Valley, which is a family country park. With it being late the park itself is closed but you can still access the park through an old disused rail track known as the Castlemain Trail.

While covered, my bike had been storage through the winter so as we got started I thought I best test out the brakes. As I pulled in the back brake it completely locked, my feet got stuck in the toe clips, I let out a OH NO and I went down like Del Boy in the bar scene from Only Fools and Horses!!! Thankfully my top half softly landed in a bush cushioning the fall, the bad bit was my oh no had alerted my mates who saw me go down in all my glory, needless to say we all absolutely cracked up and it’s likely this moment will be repeated many a time!

We got it fixed….when I say we I mean Chris although we did get a little help from a local garage and went on our way.

I’ve haven’t really mountain biked since I was a kid and I had as much fun on Monday as I did back then. I just loved rushing through tight gaps, hitting the downhills and just getting absolutely filthy!

I headed for an early run on Tuesday as I had to drive to Lincoln that evening for work. I headed east towards Hengistbury Head and as I ran was surprised by how nice and pleasant the conditions were, it was a bit grey but I didn’t mind that and it had forecasted worse. After my 15 minute easy paced warm up I powered into the first of my 8 minute efforts and knowing there was a Strava segment along the route I pushed reasonably hard but held back a little for the next two efforts. It was when I turned the corner and headed South West that it dawned on me that I had run to this point with the wind on my back because oh my god did the effort then get real!! The second effort heading west along the beach was just horrible, I mean horrible my pace dropped dramatically (40 seconds a mile!) and I was just cursing myself for not checking the wind direction before heading out. In hindsight the wind was good training resistance but in the thick of it I was just hating it. I hated it so much that I changed my route so that the final effort was with a tailwind and it felt blissful, it was made all the better by seeing the struggling faces of cyclists and runners going the other way.

Later that day it was my boys Sports Day which was great to watch and while there is a competitive edge to the activities it was great to see little acts of determination and kindness throughout. I also one the Dad’s speed bounce challenge earning some cool Dad points!

Wednesday morning I did a bit of run exploring around Lincoln before I went to a conference. I ran around the beautiful Cathedral, past the Castle, through a common and then along the river. It is a beautiful city and only a shame I got to see these beautiful sights briefly but that’s the great thing about taking your running gear with you on trips as without them I probably would of just laid in and not seen them at all.

I swapped my Friday rest day for Thursday mainly for work purposes but also because I had Purbeck 10K the next day.

Friday was Purbeck 10K which I done a race report for which you can read about here but in summary I had a great race, came 10th and PB’d

Saturday me and Barney hit Parkrun, it was quite warm which meant Barney suffered in the conditions bless him. I had to slow right down for him but he keeps going with that happy dog face with tongue hanging out! When we finished he was so happy to get to his drink bowl and then collapsed on his bed and slept for the rest of the morning. 

Sunday was Father’s Day so I got massively spoilt by my boys and had a lovely bike ride followed by camping stove cooked Bacon butties. By the time the activities, meal and gwt togethers ended I didn’t get out till 9pm!! I needed to do at least 13 miles so didn’t get back till just before 11pm, this was a new experience for me running so late and hear the crashing waves in the dark was lovely.


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