Wk4 Purbeck Marathon Training 

Tuesday is normally club night but I had meetings all day and wouldn’t get there in time so I went early instead. I decided to do 3 x 8 min efforts but incorporate these into hill repeats. 

I did a gentle 15 minute warm up to get started which led me to my first hill known as Burnham. This is a medium sized hill but steep and an absolute killer on the thighs. Once my 8 mins were up I slowly jogged to the next for a 2 min recovery. The next hill is known as Howard Sprint, a shorter hill but this comes with a reduced recovery so an intense effort. The final effort I did a tempo run home but incorporated a final hill which is a long with a couple of increased in incline as you go up making it tough, to make it harder for myself as I hit the crest I up’d the effort it a gear to prevent me slacking and recovering on the Tempo. 

Wednesday I ideally would have done a recovery run but I had an early start/late finish for work and with this being more of a relaxed Marathon training compared to Manchester I happily collapsed on the sofa and cracked a beer open 😀

Thursday I joined the club and while the 7 mile steady run looked very tempting I joined the 15 out 15 back tempo along the beach. I took the first 15 min at the lower end of the tempo effort at about 6:55/mi then on the return I progressively increased the pace, being pushed by Dave with every step; the last 5 mins were at threshold pace. Overall an enjoyable workout but perhaps could have pushed a bit harder on the out.

On Saturday my boys joined me at Parkrun, we each donned a bandana and headed out with our game faces on!

This was a really enjoyable run and my boys did awesome completing it in a very respectable 32:48. They take a run walk approach which is works well for them as there are three inclines and 3 miles is an epic distance to run at 7 yrs old! It quite funny watching them experience similar emotions to adult runners and encouraging them to just have fun even though deep down they just want to be one another and the person in front 😀

My in laws were flying off early Sunday on holiday so I volunteered to drive them as would be getting up early anyway for my LSR. I dropped them there, dropped the car back and then headed out. I only intended on running 16 miles but as I was running round I realised I’d be back too early so decided to do an extra 2 miles. I altered the route to include a path I wanted to explore. This was really nice as it took me along Walkford Brook and out onto Highcliffe beach out so I will definitely include in future routes. In the end I did 18.7 miles at 7:26 /mi and felt great throughout, it’s encouraging to know that I’ve got the stamina in my legs stI’ll from the Spring Marathon. 


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