WK 5 & 6 Purbeck Marathon Training

Well there’s not much to write about Wk5 as work and my Birthday kinda got in the way. I did however do Bournemouth Parkrun and finished in second place, which is my highest placing at this event and equals my highest placing. I used fellow Harrier Paul to pace me by staying on his shoulder for laps 1 & 2 but on the back straight of lap 3 I eased off too much on the hill and was unable to then close the gap. I was sporting a Under Armour Alter Ego Darth Vader top (Birthday Present) so as I lapped my boys I let out a “I am your Father” to their amusement and perhaps others puzzlement. 

I was pleased with my time of 17:51 although not a PB there was quite a bit of wind around the course. I joined my wife and boys for their final lap and ran with D who wanted to push on a little, they both did excellently coming in at 33:35 and 35:30 and both with a sprint finish! 

So Wk6 was a bit better on the training front but not perfect. On Monday I went for a bike ride with my friends Chris and Geoff. We planned on doing 20 miles but was enjoying it so much we put on another 5 miles.We cycled out to Barton-On-Sea via Standpit, Avon Beach and Highcliffe, we paused at our destination to take in the view, it’s was still quite weird looking back towards Bournemouth and seeing it differently.

We were just going to head back on a similar route but decided to head into the countryside a) to enjoy different scenery and b) to avoid the wind. We rode towards Bransgore which is a quaint little village in the New Forest before turning off towards Burton, back through Christchurch to home.

I awoke on Tuesday with sore heavy legs, while we didn’t go any further than previous bike rides that was back in October time and obviously my legs weren’t cycling strong! It wasn’t going to get any better either as when I looked at the Littledown Harriers training calendar the session looked brutal!

So after a gentle warm up we lined up at Kings Park for an interval session. The session consisted of 3 sets of 4, 3, 2, 1 minute efforts with 90 second recovery for 4 & 3 and 60 secs for 2 & 1 with a 2 minute set recovery. With my heavy legs this was tough, so much so by the final set of 2 and 1 min efforts my legs were wobbling at the end of each.

The pleasing bit was when I uploaded my Garmin and reviewed the Strava analysis. I consistently paced each set, being in either my VO2 max or anaerobic zone. I thought I had tailed off in the final set with my legs starting to tire but I was still able to maintain the effort.

I followed this up with a gentle 3.5 mile recovery run, to begin with it was like running through treacle with my legs just not wanting to get going but after the first mile they loosened up nicely….this didn’t stop them hurting for the rest of the day though. 

I did intend running on Thursday but my train broke down, the replacement got in too late for me to join the club and well the sofa was too inviting! 

I rested on Friday as my normal routine, then on Saturday my wife and I paced the boys round Parkrun. It was also pacing today and it was amused me how determined this made both of my boys! 

Normally they’re just competitive between themselves, as majority of siblings are. Introduce people with numbered bibs and boom another factor. They knew they had to stay ahead of 32 and as close to 31 as possible to secure a PB. They both did fantastic but I felt slightly disheartened for D as H’s big push at the end secured him a PB where D just missed out. D was quite disheartened but I was super proud as he gave his brother a big high 5 and hug and said well done…that’s true sportsmanship I later told him.

Sunday was New Forest 10 which as always will do a Race Review so look out for that in the next few days.

So lessons learnt this week are: 

  • I need to commit more to training so I’m ready for Purbeck Marathon and the Trail Series
  • I need to work harder on hills to be ready for the 3000ft of elevation the marathon will deliver
  • Need to get out on the bike more which in turn will hopefully strengthen my quads

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