WK7 Purbeck Marathon Training 

So after New Forest 10 I headed out with my wife for a gentle recovery run on Monday. We headed to the local golf course where we did a gentle trail. She normally runs around 3 miles but wants to slowly up her mileage so this 4 miler was perfect. While on a golf course the route takes you through the trees etc so it’s more like a run through the woods.

Tuesday and Wednesday I couldn’t run as work got in the way so I was pleased to run with the club on Thursday. The session was called handicap hills, it incorporated seven hills all of different gradient and sizes over nine miles. With the group being of different abilities the set off times were handicapped with me and Dave at the back. If timed correctly then we would all reach the summit or finishing point at the same time. This does two things, it drives on the runners being chased while Additionally drivin on the runners doing the chasing! Really enjoyable session, particularly after not running for a couple of days. 

Friday should of been a nice little recovery run but missing Tuesday and Wednesday, and after a frustrating day, I saw my miles were getting quicker so decided to just bite the bullet and do a progressive run instead. I wish I could run a race like this but I sadly dont have the restraint. 

The progressive run did take its toll on Saturday though when I attempted a quick parkrun. I could feel my legs struggling before mile 1 and when I went through at 5:33 I knew I’d overshot and would struggle for the rest of the race. With a 20 miler the next day I decided to drop out but never wanting to not finish a run I decided just to finish running slow. I saw an old friend so decided to pace him round instead, catching up at the same time. I was frustrated at the end but knew I had made the right decision but also wrong decision in running the progressive run! 

I woke up to perfect running conditions on Sunday morning and was eager to get out. I decided to test out a new new part to an old route an run through Standpit Marches, this was a nice bit of off road with a part ruining along the River Stour. Thereafter I ran along Avon Beach before cutting through Steamer Point. This was used in WWII as a radar base but now is a lovely little wooded area leading into Highcliffe Castle. I ran to Chewton Bunny before heading back using a similar route but a couple  of deviations to keep the route interesting. 


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