Wk10 Purbeck Marathon Training – Still in Spain

So week 2 of my summer holiday in Spain, I really enjoyed running in the heat. I wouldn’t like to race in it but training in it was lovely, although at times I did feel like s slug leaving a slime trail!!

Again I decided to do all my runs, excluding LSR, fasted as I had read recently it aids your body in burning fat (I dispute this but I’ll explain later), upside it also gave me an extra 30 mins on bed. 

I would like to say Monday was a rest day but with two very active boys combined with a swimming pool = strenuous workout! 

Tuesday I headed to the cycle path just outside the village as the surface was a nice tarmac surface. In Spain they use like patio slabs for their footpaths which while nice to look at aren’t the best for running on, plus they have quite steep drops for driveways which I worried I’d turn an ankle on when not paying attention. 

Anyways I did a 15 gentle warm up jog which put me on the path and then I dived straight into a 3 min effort. I hit this perhaps too hard, call it holiday euphoria but I was really up for it! I then saw my split of 5:16/mi and thought ah can I maintain that? I did a slow 90 second recovery jog and then straight into effort 2. The answer to “can I maintain that” was yes, next split was 5:25 but I had to stop at a crossing so I reckon that’s about right. My legs did really start to fall off at the end and I had to make a concious effort to push in those final seconds. When I got to effort 3 I knew I was in trouble as from the start my legs felt heavy and I started to have negative thoughts on whether I could do 5 of these efforts (utter ridiculous thoughts in hindsight). Again I pushed as hard as I could trying to not let it beat me and I did it at 5:46 /mi. Pleased with that on heavy legs as there was a slight rise, but pushing hard on the first two had taken its toll. Now in effort 4 I’m slightly ashamed of myself but half way through my legs gave up the ghost and I was struggling and I considered quitting….quitting!  I kept telling myself to just keep pushing and just to finish this one which I did in 5:49/mi. I was pleased with that but in my recovery I was considering giving up on the fifth effort and just plodding home. It was then an old guy passed me on his bike laughing and smiling saying something I couldn’t understand so I gave him a thumbs up and on he went. 

Now this we’ll make you laugh, I then lied to myself. I told myself “he thinks you’ve given up, he doesn’t know that this is recovery…you’ll gonna have to show him, you’ll gonna catch him on that bike and pass him”

By now he, lets call him Carlos, was about 100yds in front (might be a slight exaggeration) my watch beeped and I started effort 5, my legs felt like they’d been filled with lead but I kept pushing and was just focusing on Carlos. I was reducing the gap and this gave me confidence. As I hit the last minute I was about 15 yds from Carlos so I went for it, yes I had to actively raise my legs, yes Carlos didn’t know he was in a race but I did it and it felt EPIC!! I caught him, I passed him and stayed in front of him for about 15 seconds before my watched beeped and I happily slowed. He passed me again, I smiled and waved and do you know what in his eyes I saw defeat…actually I just saw happiness but I lied once to myself so I can lie again. The final effort I managed 6:06/mi which Carlos can take the credit for. 

Perhaps running efforts fasted is not the way forwarded as I felt awful all the way villa. Soon as I got in I drunk loads but weirdly didn’t have any appetite, I did force myself to eat some fruit and that perked me up a bit. 

I dragged myself out of bed on Wednesday but it was a real struggle as I was really tired. I just did a little jog around the village totaling 6 miles.

Thursday I did intend on doing a threshold run but I drunk too much beer and red wine, turned off my alarm when it went off and slept till 11 and do you know what…. it felt great! I haven’t slept in that much for 8 years (before kids).

With my Sunday run already planned I wanted to do another off road before my holiday ended. So again I went on Google maps and looked for any trails. I set out on Saturday with the mindset of lets just run and see where it goes and I’ve got my phone to navigate back. 

I headed to the trail I spotted,what I didn’t spot was that you got to it by a very steep service road. 

It was absolutely beautiful and has just made me even more excited for the Purbeck Trail series. Just loved overcoming the obstacles and terrain, it really made me feel alive.

The trail ended and I just followed my inner compass until I got to the town of Rojales. I just headed east staying off the main roads and just took in the real Spain. I came across this old windmill so stopped to have a look.

I got out my phone out and looked to see where I was. I noticed there was a trail nearby that would take me to the golf course so I headed that way. 

It must of been an old service route as it was part dirt, part tarmac cut into the hill. As I got further into it though there were a few sinkholes on the tarmac with deep holes so I stuck as close to the hill as possible.

I finished at 8 miles, must say that this was probably one of the most enjoyable runs of the holiday. 

I did the same long run as week 9 on Sunday. Rather than boring you with a similar tale if you’re interested to read about my 13 mile run around the Laguna Salada de la Mata then check out that blog post.

Look at that I’m now up to date!!!

Oh my views on running fasted. Time will tell if this has a positive effect or not but after doing it for two weeks I would advise you not to do it on your LSR or an efforts/workout session. When I did it on the workouts my glycogen levels depleted far too quick and I felt lacklustre by the end and sluggish for an extended period afterwards. I think it’s fine for your easy jogs even up to 8 miles but pace has to be in your active recovery zone so your body can convert fat efficently. Plus and this could be down to the beer, wine, pizzas and bbq’s but I put on 2lb this holiday so not a great fat burning technique either 😂 

Be interested to know your views if you’ve ever ran fasted intentionally.


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