WK11 Purbeck Marathon Training – back to the real world

So week 11 has been quite disappointing, I returned to work the day after I got back and it was very tough and stressful. This combined to other commitments, watching the Olympics and better offers led to me being very lazy on the running front. 

Monday was the last day of the holiday, as tempting as it was to run it was my normal rest day and well I wanted sleep before I flew back…see being lazy!

Tuesday we saw the in laws, we had a bbq which was just a meat fest and a must needed beer after my first day back and prevented me getting out….you can decided I’d that was a commitment or better offer.

Wednesday I was watching the Olympics and GB were doing great in the rowing and cycling, I felt inspired and even though it was 21:00 I headed out. I ran through the golf course woods with the dog. I was absolutely freezing for the first 5 minutes and was shockingly shivering!!! When we got to the woods, I won’t lie to you it was a little creepy, even the dog was worried as he didn’t leave my side. I think I need to invest in a good headtorch for future night runs.

I ran 5 miles in total but very slow for Barney’s sake and being careful in the low light.

Thursday I had intended joining the club for a bit off speedwork but after a long day away for work I was offered takeaway, wine and Olympics….there’s the better offer! 

Friday well I fully intended heading out but I became glued to the Olympics and before I knew it was midnight! 

Saturday I woke up too late for parkrun and then had to do a 101 jobs, I did get out late but with a race Sunday morning I didn’t want to do too much so just did a 2 mile loosener.

On Sunday was the first race of the Purbeck Trail series at Lulworth Castle 10K. It went ok but I will cover this in a separate post.


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