Back from injury and ready for London Marathon

So everything was going well, I had won the Purbeck Trail Series and secured 1st place in the Club Championship. I still had 3 races to go which were all for the Dorset Road Race League and then on a speedwork session my right knee starts to feel some discomfort. Now the sensible thing to do would have been to stop with the session and slowly jog back but I’m a competitive idiot at times so I kept going hard…..couple more interval and WHAM my knee completely seizes up and I’m injured for 8 weeks!!!

Club Championship 1st Overall Male

Well the next day I got up utterly depressed that I actually took myself off to bed once the minions had gone off to school. I honestly thought I’d wrecked my opportunity to run London Marathon. It has been my dream for a long time to run London Marathon so with my entry secured I was absolutely devastated that I could potentially miss out. Particularly as I’d worked so hard to get my GFA entry.

After a week of feeling sorry for myself and not being able to weightload, I pulled myself together and set a plan of rehabilitation to get me back running for January. This firstly meant me resting it until the stiffness had seized and then undertaking a lot of deep tissue massage in my, glutes, quads, itb and calf’s. This at times was so excruciating that I came close to fainting but I knew it was necessary. 

Thereafter I started yoga and pilates regularly, this really did point out some weaknesses!

Once I started to feel stronger I than began doing Insanity and Spin workouts to really strengthen. 

When I thought I was ready I gave light running a go but I could still feel the discomfort, this was frustrating but no point pushing it and take a backward step. 

It was now that I started to have doubts again on whether I could run London Marathon at full strength. I decided to do a bit of research as I knew my normal training routine would just be too much too soon. I looked whether it was feasible to run 3 days a week and do a competitive marathon time. I came across an article on runners world which had such a plan. Initially I was sceptical as the finish times were all above 3:30 (all respectable times but not at my pace) but one of the runners did it in 2:55 which is near on my time.

The plan included two speedwork run sessions, two cycling sessions and a long run. This sounded great but of course I had to tinker. Instead of the cycling I opted for spinning, I’d substitute their speedwork for the club speedwork and I would fit in either  a yoga, pilates or insanity session each week too, assisting core strength .

I just needed to get my knee strong enough to begin, I set a new goal of being ready for the 16th January. This would give me 14 weeks to prepare.

The good news I’m now in my third week and things are going well. I still need to regularly foam roll (gone over to the sadistic black knobbly one) and get it massaged but I’ve nailed a 13 and 15 mile long run as well as speedwork and I’m feeling optimistic.

It’s just great to be back on the tarmac and trails!!!!

Oh brilliantly the club came second in the DRRL but with me missing the last three races meant I was ruled out of the Men’s league and didn’t receive a team medal which is a disappointment. 


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